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JOB OPPORTUNITY: Seeking a PT executive assistant for Prelude2Cinema Inc. Requires attention to detail and great organizational skills.Responsibilities include setting up meetings, managing the calendar and filing paperwork. College seniors and new grads encouraged to apply. Bookkeeping experience is preferred but not required. The position will be mostly telecommute but must be located within Greater Cleveland, OH. Please send resumes and links to your website (if any) to rcoldiron [at] Please note that we are a small startup independent film production company. If you want to get some paid experience working for the cinema industry, this job might be for you!


Que, Sera, Sera (upcoming film)

Who sits in the President's chair?

Not quite post-apocalyptic but close. Michaels’ imagined future in 2020 reveals the destruction that a reality star/tycoon President named Joseph Franks had brought upon a nation in upheaval….and one man, Nicholas J Ferris, a Senator, being pushed into running for the next Presidential election because he might be the country’s only hope.

Tools for the Aspiring Filmmaker

Tools for the Aspiring Filmmaker

High-quality filmmaking used to be out of budget for many aspiring filmmakers. That’s changed with more affordable tools and the proliferation of technology. You don’t need an expensive camera to make a great film (although it does help), but you do need a plan.

Maybe you’ve heard of the film Tangerine, which garnered critical acclaim after its Sundance Film Festival premiere. Guess what? It was filmed on an iPhone with the enhancement of an app called FiLMicPro, an anamorphic lens adapter from Moondog Labs and a Steadicam stabilizer mount for smartphones. So, even if you can’t afford a professional cinema camera like the Red Epic (which has been used to shoot many Hollywood films), you can still get a high-quality film using the ordinary tools you might already have on hand (with some help).

If you have a smartphone, tablet or a camera, you have the first tool you’ll need for creating a film. Research what enhancements, like lenses or apps, you can add to your equipment that will help you to get the best picture possible. While you’ll be able to correct some visual issues in post-production, it’s always better to try to get the clearest shots possible during shooting to limit your amount of work in post.

The next thing you’ll want to invest in is lighting. Great lighting will go a long way in creating a high-quality picture. If you’re filming outside, you can use the natural light if it’s the right intensity, or add light reflectors (which run between $5 and $10) to use the sun’s light. You can also buy starter light kits from camera stores or online.

High-quality films always have great audio quality. Have you ever watched a film with so much static and background noise that you couldn’t hear what the actors are saying? Depending on your film, you’ll likely need a few microphones, a field recorder like the Zoom H4n, and a boom pole. Hiring a sound recordist and boom operator for your film will also help, if you have it in your budget or can get a few friends to volunteer.

For post-production, you can start with Open Source software, such as Audacity for audio and Open Shot for video editing. You can find Open Source and free software for creating special effects and motion graphics as well. Research which software will do the job you want, check reviews, and download most of them for free. Of course, you can also use industry-standard software if it’s in your budget or you have access to it.

Building the Cinema Industry

“Most people think movies are just about actors and directors, but one needs to involve other businesses if they want to sustain production.” – Alex P. Michaels, studio chief

Prelude2Cinema plans to use modern technology to create a system based on the Hollywood Studio System, in which the studio developed stories and artists, produced and marketed the movies and screened them to audiences.

Join the Crusade: http://www.prelude2cinema/crusade.html

Festival Feature: Lauren Pray’s Insightful Short Film On Cincinnati’s Most Famous Mural

Festival Feature: Lauren Pray’s Insightful Short Film On Cincinnati’s Most Famous Mural

In January 2016, Prelude2Cinema debuted its own film festival Prelude2Cinema Presents, which also functions as a film market for procuring new films to distribute and a fundraiser for promoting the cinema industry in Northeast Ohio. Filmmakers from all over the world submitted to the festival. People who attended the event got to see creative work from filmmakers in Russia and British Columbia, as well as work produced in the United States.

Lauren Pray, a native of Euclid, Ohio, presented her directorial debut film project “The Spirit of Cincinnatus Growing with Cincinnati.” In only 16 minutes, the film explores this history of the well-known mural and its restoration by ArtWorks and Kroger Co. in July 2015.

History of the mural: The Homage to Cincinnatus

The mural depicts Roman hero Cincinnatus. Commissioned by the Kroger Co. in 1983, the “Homage to Cincinnatus” covers seven stories of wall on the side of the Kroger building and commemorates the company’s centennial anniversary.

About the film “The Spirit of Cincinnatus Growing with Cincinnati”

Kroger and ArtWorks partnered with Thomas Melvin Studio and the original artist of the painting, Richard Haas, to restore the “mother mural” (because this mural inspired the painting of more murals throughout the city) to its former glory. Four young filmmaking apprentices and one professional were hired to document the project on film.

See the trailer:

Every month, Prelude2Cinema hosts the Prelude2Cinema Presents film festival. Submissions open at the beginning of the month, with the film festival screenings taking place toward the end of the month. The public is welcome to attend. Cost is free for Cinema Crusade members; $10 for non-members. For more info, check out: