Que, Sera, Sera (upcoming film)

Who sits in the President's chair?

Not quite post-apocalyptic but close. Michaels’ imagined future in 2020 reveals the destruction that a reality star/tycoon President named Joseph Franks had brought upon a nation in upheaval….and one man, Nicholas J Ferris, a Senator, being pushed into running for the next Presidential election because he might be the country’s only hope.


Festival Feature: Lauren Pray’s Insightful Short Film On Cincinnati’s Most Famous Mural

Festival Feature: Lauren Pray’s Insightful Short Film On Cincinnati’s Most Famous Mural

In January 2016, Prelude2Cinema debuted its own film festival Prelude2Cinema Presents, which also functions as a film market for procuring new films to distribute and a fundraiser for promoting the cinema industry in Northeast Ohio. Filmmakers from all over the world submitted to the festival. People who attended the event got to see creative work from filmmakers in Russia and British Columbia, as well as work produced in the United States.

Lauren Pray, a native of Euclid, Ohio, presented her directorial debut film project “The Spirit of Cincinnatus Growing with Cincinnati.” In only 16 minutes, the film explores this history of the well-known mural and its restoration by ArtWorks and Kroger Co. in July 2015.

History of the mural: The Homage to Cincinnatus

The mural depicts Roman hero Cincinnatus. Commissioned by the Kroger Co. in 1983, the “Homage to Cincinnatus” covers seven stories of wall on the side of the Kroger building and commemorates the company’s centennial anniversary.

About the film “The Spirit of Cincinnatus Growing with Cincinnati”

Kroger and ArtWorks partnered with Thomas Melvin Studio and the original artist of the painting, Richard Haas, to restore the “mother mural” (because this mural inspired the painting of more murals throughout the city) to its former glory. Four young filmmaking apprentices and one professional were hired to document the project on film.

See the trailer:

Every month, Prelude2Cinema hosts the Prelude2Cinema Presents film festival. Submissions open at the beginning of the month, with the film festival screenings taking place toward the end of the month. The public is welcome to attend. Cost is free for Cinema Crusade members; $10 for non-members. For more info, check out: http://www.prelude2cinema.com/festival