Building the Cinema Industry

“Most people think movies are just about actors and directors, but one needs to involve other businesses if they want to sustain production.” – Alex P. Michaels, studio chief

Prelude2Cinema plans to use modern technology to create a system based on the Hollywood Studio System, in which the studio developed stories and artists, produced and marketed the movies and screened them to audiences.

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NEWS: Prelude2Cinema and Shaker LaunchHouse Partnership

NEWS: Prelude2Cinema and Shaker LaunchHouse Partnership

Prelude2Cinema, a branding and marketing firm that focuses on independent filmmaking in Northeast Ohio, and LaunchHouse, a business and startup incubator that supports a diverse number of businesses out of a refurbished car dealership in Shaker Heights, have partnered to develop the cinema industry in the Greater Cleveland area.

Prelude2Cinema has become a portfolio company of LaunchHouse and hosts a monthly independent film festival, film market and fundraiser at the Shaker Heights location.

“We believe in the movie industry that the Cleveland Film Commission is bringing to our region. Cleveland has much to offer Hollywood, and we’re glad that movies are being made here,” says Alex P. Michaels, Emmy-winning writer and studio chief for Prelude2Cinema.

“My goal is to create a cinema industry here as well, in which we will model our company after the old studio system of cultivating talent and producing and distributing movies. It is our hope that the cinema industry helps to build some of the infrastructure that is needed.”

Prelude2Cinema will produce movies in-house and will also partner with local and international filmmakers. The creation of a film fund through business sponsorships and private investors will provide the necessary financing for the cinema industry initiative.

“In order to have a real movie studio, Prelude2Cinema needs to focus on a number of movies, not just one,” says Michaels. “The economic impact that movies bring to the community has been realized as Hollywood studios continue to shoot their films here and hire local actors and crew. Bringing the movie industry here and creating the cinema industry here is not something that can be done alone.”


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Introducing the NEW Prelude2Cinema Blog

Introducing the NEW Prelude2Cinema Blog

Who is Prelude2Cinema?


Prelude2Cinema LLC blends entertainment and advertisement through branded entertainment. The company creates bold, intriguing stories for the Internet and other digital platforms, presenting various brand products and services through natural interactions within a variety of film productions. Prelude2Cinema is dedicated to establishing a steady stream of dramatic productions in Northeast Ohio that strengthens the local economy and cultivates Ohio’s talented actors, models and film crew.

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A word from the studio chief, Alex P. Michaels: 

“My goal for Prelude2Cinema is to build a cinema industry in Northeast Ohio. My vision is based on the Hollywood-style studio system in which Prelude2Cinema will cultivate talent and filmmakers.”

So, what about this blog?

In addition to company news, this blog will feature behind-the-scenes interviews and movie trailers about Prelude2Cinema’s projects, as well as other projects that the company takes on in an effort to build and promote the Cinema Industry within Northeast Ohio. Expect regular articles on filmmaking events, resources and information for film artists of all levels. We might even throw in a few other posts just for fun. Looking forward to seeing you online!

-Roxanna Coldiron, PR & Marketing Executive, Prelude2Cinema


It’s Nogient not Ted Nugent


I been working with Nogient the last month. Not to be confused with Ted Nugent (whose name comes up in the google search). R.L.J. finally signed our marketing contract.

I decided that would do a series of commercials. Although I like to think of them as short movies. I cast Chuck French in the lead. Chuck has done such a great job as Jamison in “Out of Darkness.”

Also I am doing a casting event August 8th at Anatomy Cleveland. Tino’s new club.

Tonight Tim Franke, my Editor and I are having dinner to celebrate the end of the “Out of Darkness” DVD. What hell that was. Still it will be good to get the show out there and the extras were interesting to watch.

I would have liked to shoot the rest of the show the way I envisioned but due to budget we weren’t able to hang on to some of the talent.

I do have wilds ideal for Nogient but I don’t know if they are ready for it. Although it would be fun to shoot. It would be a parody so I don’t know f we would get away with it. Still if it only does one episode, then it would be funny and very memorable.

Which is the key to making any business successful, having a creative and memorable marketing campaign. After all, what is the point of going into business, if you don’t tell anyone.