I won’t sleep until I talk to You

Today I was one of the presenters at the eMarketing Conference at Corporate College.

Here is my video. Watch

The keynote speaker John Jantsch talked a lot about blogs and so I decided to ressurrect my blog. Man, I’m tired. Kind of wiped out from today. Which went well when it came time for me to speak but I was a little upset I did not have as many people as I would have liked. Not anything against the college but they had about a half dozen sessions going on at the same time. I would have liked to attend some of the others. Still I learned somethings. Emily R was on hand to help me out. Emily is well interesting. She’s a bit of a “tomboy,” so I had to talk her into wearing a dress. I also had another model Maria who was great and they passed out about 50 or so business cards and stickers on the company.

I felt I could have did better though. I kind of rushed the talk cause I thought the audience would be more involved. Yet, getting them to ask questions was like pulling teeth. Finally they did. One guy went on how he didn’t feel it would benefit him and went on and on about how he didn’t get it. Well, his company had a bad experience with a Hollywood movie. They got disrupted for only two seconds of the name in screen time.

So I explained how they had to talk to the people and work out a deal that benefited them both.

Anyway, Chuck B. from Techlift showed up. Which was really cool. I got a presentation with them this coming month.

OK, presentations are needed but I miss the creative side of things.

I miss a vacation.

I miss dating goofy but cute actresses.

I think if I practice more I can do a better presentation next time but right now I really have to focus on getting clients for the TV show. One on one pitches to people and move into production with the show.

On one level, the guy did have some valid points about not seeing a benefit for small businesses. I think I really haven’t been working on the small business angle. I do see working on more involvement with big business.

Pitching to people who don’t “get it” and you have to explain what you do is never going to equal any business.

So the goal with the blog is to go behind the curtain with Prelude2Cinema and educate people about Branded Entertainment.

For now, I need Sleep.


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