Let’s Build a Cinema Industry Together

p2cKnightFilmstripLOGOImagine having more opportunities to work in movies, television, or web series without having to uproot yourself/your family searching for jobs? How does having a viable career in the cinema industry while residing here in Northeast Ohio sound? Like a dream right?

Prelude2Cinema is working to make that dream a reality…and we want you to help. Create a short video describing how a sustainable Cinema Industry in Northeast Ohio would be beneficial to you and this region. Then post your videos to twitter with the hashtag #cinemaindustryneo . The best responses will be posted on our Twitter feed @prelude2cinema.

So feel free to speak your mind – show off your talent and your passion! Grab your phones, video cameras, gear, costumes, whatever, just let people know you support a Cinema Industry in Northeast Ohio. We will also be using your videos to convince businesses, government officials and organizations in the area to support the Cinema Industry in Northeast Ohio.

We have such a wealth of talent here in NEO, let’s keep them here!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Build a Cinema Industry Together

  1. I am Stacey Gillespie and this would be a great idea as the arts always need all the support they can get. I’d love to be apart of it. Nothin but good opportunities could come from it. God’s speed.

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