Accelerating Towards a Cinema Industry in NEO

February 25th was a marvelous night! Prelude2Cinema was honored to be chosen to be amongst the twenty-five brilliant ideas presented at the inaugural Accelerate 2015 civic pitch event presented by the Cleveland Leadership Center and Bernie Moreno Companies. It was amazing opportunity  to  rub elbows with the movers and shakers in Northeast Ohio. Over 400 persons attended the event and included People and organizations firmly established in their industries, all of whom are working in concert to provide programs that will benefit the community.

Prelude2Cinema was very  proud to have Actor/ Attorney/ Business Consultant/ Former Elected Official Peter Lawson Jones join us in presenting our pitch “Bring Crime 2 Cleaveland.” We are not talking about real crime, but the launch of a fictional crime web/TV series that will shoot in Northeast Ohio. Mr. Jones will also be featured in a key role in the show. The series will also give a voice to victims of real crime and help support the Laura Cowan Foundation which helps victims of domestic abuse.

Prelude2Cinema’s tagline is “Subtle, Honest, Entertaining, Advertisement.” We will create a sustainable Cinema Industry in Northeast Ohio by creating productions for TV,  movie theaters and the Internet. Prelude2Cinema is seeking businesses to integrate into the storylines of these productions that will allow them to capture new business. 

Prelude2Cinema believes artists should be paid, but they should also remember that it is not called “Show Business” for nothing. Only by benefiting the business community, can one create a new industry here. The “Cinema Industry” needs to be supported in the same manner that our community supports its sports teams and theater community.

Prelude2Cinema sincerely thanks Bernie Moreno Companies, The Cleveland Leadership Center and all involved in Accelerate 2015. We look forward to working with everyone we met at the event, including the other presenters, and to putting the pedal to the metal on our journey in the creation of a Cinema Industry in Northeast Ohio.

Alex Michaels and Peter Lawson Jones presenting Bring Crime 2 Cleveland

Alex Michaels and Sofia Plass “Little Angie”

Sofia Plass -“Little Angie” – traveling through CLEVELAND



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