Support Bringing Crime 2 Cleaveland at Accelerate 2015

p2cKnightFilmstripLOGONAMEtiny On Join us February 25, 2015, as Prelude2Cinema presents a civic pitch at Accelerate 2015: A new model for change ( ). Our “Bring Crime 2 Cleaveland” was one of twenty-five creative pitches selected to be presented at the event.

Pitch details: Five projects will be pitched in each category. Pitches last no more than five minutes each. A panel of community leaders will provide feedback on each pitch, and select one pitch from each category as a finalist to be presented to the wider audience. Audience members hear each of the five pitches and vote on one winner. The winner receives $5,000 and each of the four other finalists receives $2,000. All pitches may be matched with mentors to help the dreams become reality.

Prelude2Cinema will be presenting in the Transformative Arts and Culture category. These pitches include initiatives that use arts and culture to transform people and places.

Michaels.JonesAlex P. Michaels, Studio Chief, Prelude2Cinema LLC, and Peter Lawson Jones, Attorney/Actor/Business Consultant/Former Elected Official, will present Bring Crime 2 Cleaveland: a pitch to shoot a crime web/TV series in the real city of Cleveland, Ohio. While real crime hurts a region and leaves marks that takes years to heal, our fictional crime series will create jobs, strengthen the economy, and give an outlet to tell stories that can bring us together.

Go to to make your reservation to attend Accelerate 2015 to support their efforts. Be a part of CLE’s momentum!


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