Press Release: Crime Pays for Corporate Sponsors


Alex P. Michaels
2847 Ambler Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44104-4509
Cell: 408-203-6981

Crime Pays for Corporate Partners

July 10, 2014 – Cleveland, OH – While Cleveland is trying to shake off the past as a crime ridden city, TV shows like the original Law & Order generated 3,000 acting jobs a year and $79 million in economic activity in the city each season it aired. Prelude2Cinema wants to show Northeast Ohio that “Crime Pays.” Founded by Emmy winning writer and award winning filmmaker Alex P. Michaels, Prelude2Cinema is launching a new series of crime dramas. Prelude2Cinema is seeking Corporate Partners, Interns, Cast and Crew before cameras start to roll August 15, 2014.

Michaels does wear a lot of hats as Studio Chief for Prelude2Cinema. He is an actor, writer, producer and a director. Yet, no man is an island. Story outlines for one of the dramas “de la Oscuridad” (Spanish for “of the Darkness”) was written by Jaime Sara Rotsky, a student at Beachwood School who has studied at the New York Film Academy and Playhouse Square. Bowling Green Student and filmmaker Michael Stafford is drawing storyboards and will act as Assistant Director. Assisting Michaels with the business details of the company is CSU  psychology student Julie Marie Fruscella and CSU grad Matthew Parnell, who is tasked with bringing more interns aboard the Company.

The goal of the Crime Dramas is showcase local actors, but Michaels is in touch with “name” Hollywood actors for leading and guest roles. Prelude2Cinema is bringing aboard Corporate Partners to fund the series. Businesses will be local, national and international. Each Corporate Partner will be written into one or more of the crime dramas.

This is not a new ideal for Prelude2Cinema, who created the original crime/sci-fi drama “Out of Darkness” a few years ago with support from Northeast Ohio businesses including bakery Lucy’s Sweet Surrender, Massimo da Milano and the Velvet Dog. A key scene was shot in the Bratenahl Police Jail. “Out of Darkness” aired nationally on Dish, in Cleveland, Ohio on Time Warner Cable and is now making the rounds internationally.

Audiences who watch the crime dramas may not understand the stories without watching it more than once. Michaels stories have the feel of old style film noir and European filmmakers like Godard and Truffaut. While Prelude2Cinema play to a national and international audience, Prelude2Cinema is committed to filming in Northeast Ohio. “de la Oscuridad” will be shot in English, but feature Latino characters and some Spanish language which should appeal to the growing Hispanic market.

Prelude2Cinema will use branded entertainment to fund the series. Branded entertainment is a form of product placement where a business is written into a movie or TV Series. Michaels says it is important to bring sponsors aboard before we start shooting so we can fit them into the first series in a realistic manner. Because “de la Oscuridad” being a cop series, it is easy to write any business into the story which is about sex, crime and politics. The first season will be six episodes and feature a storyline about a Task Force, who is given ultimate power to “keep the city safe.” The other shows “AP 16:16” and “And the Verdict Is” take place in the same universe as “de la Oscuridad,” so characters and stories will overlap.

A lot has changed in Television since Prelude2Cinema aired the series “Out of Darkness.” Netflix has changed the landscape of television forever. According to Neil Hunt, Netflix’s chief product officer, the death of the 30 second commercial will come very soon. Prelude2Cinema agrees and by incorporating Corporate Partners in the new Crime Dramas, the businesses will always be part of the story. Prelude2Cinema is also planning an interactive element to each series to keep the audience involved after the show ends. Prelude2Cinema company’s slogan is “Subtle, Honest Entertaining Advertisement.” Businesses interested in being Corporate Partners can contact Studio Chief Alex P. Michaels at or for more info.





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