Fund Anything Launches 8-28-2013

Alex P. Michaels
Prelude2Cinema L.L.C.
2904 Ambler Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44104-4509
Phone: 408-203-6981

A Dream of a Movie Studio

Cleveland, OH – August 28, 2013 – Cleveland filmmaker Alex P. Michaels won an Emmy because of a contest called the Dreambuilder’s Celebration. It was Martin Luther King’s speech that gave Producer/Director Jim Friedman the idea to create a program to help African American writers.

Now on the 50th anniversary of the celebrated “I have a dream speech,” Michaels is launching a crowdfunding campaign to create the first dedicated movie studio and business incubator in Northeast Ohio.

It has not been easy keeping the dream alive. Michaels invested a lot of his own money and gained investors to create his own production company Prelude2Cinema. Over the years, Prelude2Cinema has created movies, web series and a television series funded by local businesses including Lucy’s Sweet Surrender, Massimo da Milano and The Velvet Dog. While Prelude2Cinema’s movies have shown all over the world, the company has remained in Cleveland Ohio.

Instead of launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the studio, Michaels is using Donald Trump’s new crowdfunding site Fund Anything. Michaels believes stars like Spike Lee and Zach Braff have turned Kickstarter into a celebrity haven for their projects. “You can’t spell Kickstarter without Star,” he says. ” Once Sylvester Stallone launched a project, we knew it was all over for indie projects. We like Trump’s site cause some projects will actually receive backing from the Donald himself.”

“It was tough for a lot of years, being a Cleveland filmmaker,” says Michaels. ” Anytime you mentioned you wanted to do movies, people said you had to leave Cleveland for Hollywood or no one would take you seriously. Now with Hollywood movies like “Captain America” and stars like Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner shooting in Cleveland, people’s minds have changed. This is definitely the time to launch a studio.”

In addition to working on movies, Michaels has learned a lot of business skills and studied local business incubators like Launchhouse. Which is why Prelude2Cinema’s studio will be a business incubator as well as a production studio that will foster local filmmakers and provide a soundstage to incoming Hollywood productions. 

While the city does cater to Hollywood productions, the local filmmakers still receive little to no support. Michaels hopes Prelude2Cinema’s studio and business incubator will change that. He has gathered a team of professionals to assist him.

A dedicated movie studio in Cleveland, Ohio is the Holy Grail to making the region a true part of the multi-billion dollar movie and TV industry. Instead of waiting for Hollywood to come shoot here, we would be producing a steady stream of our own productions. A studio would provides jobs and that is something Cleveland desperately needs. Michaels believes it is not enough to wait for Hollywood to come in and save us. We have to save ourselves. We have to support our dreams.

Visitors to can click on
BE PART OF A MOVIE STUDIO to help keep the dream alive.



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