The New Website

Working with Nogient Development to redesign the Prelude2Cinema website I did finish the first documentary and deciding to submit it next year for an award.

Going to write more of the blog starting next year. This year just has been very busy working on personal and professional life. All will be better in 2010. One decision I did made that I regret was closing down production on “Out of Darkness” but I was burnt out and also it wasn’t going as I planned due to cast changes. I’d like to revisit the show once I have some things established.

One thing that I plan to move forward with is working on some marketing for businesses. Of course I can’t do any of this until the new site is up and running.


Still working with Bryant Anderson and happy I did finish my first documentary. Need to get more on the business side of things. I’d like to have the new site up by February and start getting some businesses to market before then. We shall see how that goes. I have Faith it will go OK. I need to come up with menu for site so Nogient can start to work on it for me.


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