The New Film Fund

Just came back from shooting a scene outside Anatomy Cleveland with Jennifer G. She is from “Blood Kiss” and new to “Out of Darkness.” The scene came out a little differently than I planned but it looks good. Have to dub in audio later. Brian was great as the Director and J.Rome lent a hand.

Me. I just played Raft, who has one too many drinks.

And because “I don’t have enough to do,” I have decided to launch a Film Fund to support the TV show and other productions. It is something I wish someone else should launch but I have some connections and I feel done right, can open doors for consistent funding productions. Which is definitely what this city is lacking.

I been contacting the people who have supported “Out of Darkness” about it. Brian, who I am working with more and more, likes the idea.

I’ll probably launch a website for it before the end of the month. Something with the Prelude2Cinema name. Here is the info on the Fund.

In order to continue producing productions and promote northeast Ohio as a center for filmmaking and TV Production, Prelude2Cinema will be creating a Northeast Ohio Film Fund. This Fund will pool financial and in-kind contributions from businesses and individuals to create more movie and TV productions on a consistent basis in Northeast Ohio.
We realize in this dire economical times, not everyone will be able to contribute financially to the Fund, but Filmmaking is about resources as well as capital. Your establishment might be able to provide a location or a sample of your product for a production. There are many different ways to contribute to the local film and TV industry. By creating a “Fund,” Prelude2Cinema will help to market the movie or TV series and your company will gain more exposure (and more customers).
Status of the Fund: We are gathering support for the “Fund” and are open to individuals, businesses and others who wish to promote and support movie and TV production in Northeast Ohio.

Thank you. Stay tuned for more information.

Let us know any way you can contribute to the “Fund.”
Alex P. Michaels
A Branded Entertainment Company
There is a lot of work I have to do for it. I do have ideas for the fund that began with launching the site.
Right now, I am going to get some sleep…

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