Editing After Dark

Finally onto the new episode of “Out of Darkness.” I broke the show into fifteen minutes episodes to air on our anthology show “Prelude2Cinema Presents.” I wish the Editor could help me out here but we changed so much from the script that I really have to make some hard decisisions on what stays and what goes. Also we lost one of the central characters, so the show is really different from what I had planned.

I admit, I would have preferred to do the show as I concieved it. I like some things in the new direction of it but it really unnerves me that I can’t shoot the scripts I and others had planned. Still I think being able to sustain the show without a major sponsor so far is a miracle.

Which brings me to the dual role of producer (finding funds for the show) and creating a show worthy of funding. Kind of a paradox. Still I have gotten some money for the show and I have faith more will follow.

I have a shoot coming up this Friday at Anatomy Cleveland. It is a Raft scene. Which means I am back on camera. It’s been a while since I played Raft.

Raft is in a bar drinking now and not as uhm “virile” as before.

I did add a new Prosecutor to the show. It is an actress from my “Blood Kiss” movie. God, that was so long ago.

Still I have to stay focused on the funding and such. It would make things easier and keep the show and other productions on track. I can’t take this version of “Out of Darkness” back to what it was supposed to be but I can move ahead and entertain our audience. And in the end, that is all it is about; entertaining the audience.


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