The Man Who Gave Away the Emmys

Passing out the Emmys Sept 13th
Passing out the Emmys Sept 13th

Actually the Academy gave them to the winners, but at the Gala Awards in Cleveland this past Saturday I was in charge of handing out the Emmys backstage to all the winners. It was a very cool assignment and my first official assignment since I joined the Board of Govenors. I got to meet all the winners and said congrats.

Of course I networked and passed them my business card and at times got to talk about the TV Series. I ran into a producer from WOIO 19 who knew about “Out of Darkness.” I sent him a DVD of the show. I think 19 would be a perfect place to show the series. Especially since the Cleveland Breaking News is mirrored after 19’s own news.

There was a bit of a “hiccup” during the show when the alarm went off in the hotel and people had to leave. I stayed inside with the President Gary and Wayne, one of the board member’s husbands who helped me in passing out the Emmys. Still the show went on time and everyone enjoyed it.

Now, I have a Board meeting next month and I really want to get more involved in networking within the Chapter. I have an ideal for an online community so everyone can utilize the Chapter to network. After all, a large part of this building is building relationships.

Here are some more photos.


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