The Famous Mister Banks Arrived

I saw Bob Banks who I haven’t seen in ages at the Dark DVD Release Party. We talked about the “state” of Cleveland film community. Bob says he hasn’t been in touch with the “community” all that much. I did manage to get a nice little but receptive crowd. Two of the actors from the TV Series showed up. I’m going to start shooting some more stuff with them later this month. 

Now, I forgot to bring my little digital camera, but there were photos taken by Bob and his girl Karen who is from Liverpool. I told her to spread the word about the show over there. She goes back in about two weeks.

All in all, a nice night and thanks to the Scene magazine I got some press.

Also I am through with events till maybe next year. I have to get the show out on the air, work on DVD sales, and also I have work to do with the Emmy awards show and later on for the Emmy Chapter. And I have a few personal things to take care of as well. Next month, I’m taking a solid week off from work.

Definitely I will host no events till next year.

Events take a lot of planning and although I didn’t have a huge crowd, I got more people to know about the show and also I can use the press. I am mailing out some DVDs tomorrow to other national news media outlets.

It’s 3:35am, need to get some sleep. Tomorrow I go to the post office and answer and e-mails that come in but that is it.

All day Saturday is the Emmy gala.


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