Its More Violence in Random Violence

Cast of "Random Violence"
Cast of Random Violence

Did the second day of shooting for the movie “Random Violence.” So far we (Producer/ Director Bryant Anderson) and I (co-producer/ actor) are still on schedule. We have a bit of an editing job to do (well at least Bryant does). For the sake of time, he is cutting out a scene. We had a few hours to talk about it and decided the scene would distract form the story and couldn’t be shot as intended.

Shooting for TV does make one a bit “under the gun,” but it is excting.

“Being on the Set” again reminds me how much I miss shooting. It is nice on the set but there are a lot of behind the scenes producing elements to take care of lately.

This week, I get a chance to act again. I play a guy named “Willie.” I can’t say much about him without giving away the plot, but “Willie is not as “slick” as he thinks he is.”


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