Elightening People about the DARK

Finally the DVD for “Out of darkness” is for sale. Now I have to spread the word. I told Tim (the Editor) once we got a hundred sales, I’d take him out for a drink. I also want to work on some other things to promote the show and bring in an income like comic books based on the original script. Tonight I’m meeting with the band Glass Audrey to talk about that and marketing them.

I’m also working on a Release Party Sept 10th or 11th. Should be interesting and also a lot of work.

Knight Studio
Knight Studio

I also been redoing Night Studio as Lt. Foster’s office. A lot of work but it keeps me busy. I’d like to get back into shooting the TV series but I still need a main sponsor. The wall is actually actaullay aucostic ceiling tile so it should helpblock out sound.

I may paint it a neutral color or just leave it as is. On the other side of the room is a fake window set.

I’m having fun, just need to work on bringing in more paying marketing clients and I want to have sales for the TV show by the end of the month.

That’s the goal.

Knight Studio -inside Lt. Foster's office window
Knight Studio -inside Lt. Foster

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