Return of the IT girls

At Anatomy Cleveland, I got together with some new talent and also the IT girls, Kaitlin is off to college, but Meghan is still here, so I am going to use her in a new short for “Prelude2Cinema Presents…” Boy, time is flying by. The show has to be on Sept. 19th and I haven’t finalized the first episode. Still I do like the speed of TV, even though it does feel like we are always under the gun.

Oh, and Amazon received the DVD for “Out of Darkness.” I am thinking of putting some other merchandise for sale. More movies and maybe push the Cafe Press site as well and books and such. After all, Prelude2Cinema is in Show BUSINESS. And in Business, you have to have cash flowing in.

Still we have a following for the show. Now, we will see if the following will pay to watch the show and wear the T-shirts and drink from the mugs. Tim (Franke) and I put a lot into the DVD. We went over every episode and added new scenes so those who buy the DVD get a new experience than those who saw it on cable. Hopefully everyone who watched it on TV will want the DVD. Although its been a while since the show aired. And the clips are on Youtube but its not the same as the DVD.

I am going to air “The IT girls movies” as part of “Prelude2Cinema Presents…”

Beyond that, there is a lot to do. Getting an Ad for the upcoming Emmy awards and have to find one of my girls to go with me. Already got the tux.


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