The Envelope From a Silent Partner

So at lunch, I don’t ask for it, but “GF” passes the envelope to me. There are a number of bills in it, but I don’t count it there.
GF: I wish I could do more, but I have a son in college.
ME: I understand. I greatly appreciate it.
GF: From time to time I will give you more, but this will get you on the air. For now, I am a silent partner.
I just nod and stuff the envelope in my jacket. We talk on other things.

OK, it wasn’t that dramatic as in the movies, but I am happy. I wanted to do the “dance of joy,” but there was no room for it.

Now there are a lot of details to get underway. The first episode has to be delivered to the Network 7 days before airtime, so I am looking at Sept. 12th, 2008. Actually I’d like to have it there by the first of September.

I still have to make some calls to make and things to do. The Envelope was nice. I was told to expect more to come.

Also working on getting more business clients to market in “Prelude2Cinema Presents…” So next week I am going to an After Hours Event that the Beachwood Chamber of Commerce is having. I haven’t been to one in a while so it should be interesting.

Oh, and Friday is the Event at Anatomy Cleveland. Man oh man, so much to do, so little time. No time to dance.


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