The Darkness is Coming

OK, that sounds like a line from “Doctor Who,” but I sent off the First 3 Case Files from “Out of Darkness” to be made to DVD. FINALLY. Glad to get that out. There was a lot more that I could have added but it did include new versions of the episodes and a new ending. A deleted scene. 3 photo galleries. 3 interviews

I have to get a test copy back, approve it and then we are good to SELL!

Also we are going to produce a movie for the TV series “Prelude2Cinema Presents…” from Bryant Anderson. Should be a fun and interesting time. I even have a small role in it. Mr. Anderson is also shooting at our little studio.

This past week, I visited a large studio with a huge green screen. It was nice but I’d have to add the expense on to the clients for the shoot. And then there is the problem of “being under the gun” when shooting.  Bryant said he wanted to know if it was OK to shoot all day at our studio. I said “Sure.” We aren’t charging him and the show is going to be for broadcast on our channel so he is helping us out.

I am not against studios charging money. It is a business. I would just hate to rent space and then one of my crew or actors not be able to make it and then have to shell out more money to re- rent the studio.

Still right now, I am happy the DARKNESS is coming.

Next up, Bryant Anderson’s shoot.


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