Heard from the Wife Today

TV wife
TV wife

My “TV wife” Missy got in touch with me. She is going to be interviewed on some show and wanted to mention the TV Series “Out of Darkness.” Of course I gave her permission. I miss shooting with her and might try to squeeze in some shoots when she gets back in town. She is very fun to work with. And although I don’t exactly stay “faithful” to her, she is the best one for chemistry with my character. She is planning to go out to California, like a lot of talent I know. I can understand that because of the opportunities. Still if the strike from the Screen Actors hits and my limited but very close sources say that Mid August is an important date, then all studio work will come to a crashing halt. It will be hard for those already in the industry to keep working.

The Union wants to control their actors when they do work that only goes to the Internet. The web was an outlet for new works and a way to use union talent without the cost and details involved. They want it to be that if you shoot a new media (Internet) project that only goes online, then you have to go union if you use Union actors.

I can see their logic, but I don’t think it does anyone any good cause most Internet projects are done by struggling indies and even by actors themselves and not by the studios. The studios mainly repurpose their broadcast shows for online. To that degree, I can understand the Union (SAG) wanting money if a studio shows a show on the air then online or premiere it online and then on the air, but there should be an avenue for the indies that is not governed by the unions. That way we can get out work out there with union talent and later maybe go to broadcast.

Either way, I can’t see a strike doing anyone any good. With the writer’s strike settled, the people mostly hurt were writers who had studio deals that the studios then canceled and also the people who work below the line and the businesses who support the movie industry. The Studios are still as powerful as ever.

Remember there is a version of the “Golden Rule that says “He who has the Gold, Rules.”

I think in Hollywood, we all know who that is.

P.S. That’s why I may be small but I own a studio. I have some “gold flakes” now.


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