For the Love of Money

Money is not a word that is heard in wonderful terms at Prelude2Cinema lately. We end up owing it more so than making it lately. Yet today I met with one of my Producers who said they would buy the airtime to get us back on the air in September. That is a relief. We had a few deals that fell through and others that might and hopefully will come in, but way too late for it to get the airtime.

I was ready to dip more into the family funds for airtime but didn’t need to.

Onto other news, I visited a new studio here in town. It is great. It has a huge green screen and is perfect for shooting. Of course, they want money to rent it. And they should. It cost them money and so they need to get a return on it and after all, this is a business. I can never fault anyone for wanting to make a dollar from their services. Of course some people are more valuable than others and others have a value that is only in their mind but their results show otherwise.

I think also that one has to go after people who know their worth. I have spent time with people who didn’t value me, when I know people, like my Producer and others who do value me.

The only good out of that whole endeavour was I finished up my business plan and presentations so when I do talk to the people who know my value, I can get their investment or work.

Speaking of work, doing an Event at Anatomy Cleveland this coming Friday for the TV Series and commercial for Nogient. I haven’t did an event for a while so it should be interesting.


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