It’s Nogient not Ted Nugent


I been working with Nogient the last month. Not to be confused with Ted Nugent (whose name comes up in the google search). R.L.J. finally signed our marketing contract.

I decided that would do a series of commercials. Although I like to think of them as short movies. I cast Chuck French in the lead. Chuck has done such a great job as Jamison in “Out of Darkness.”

Also I am doing a casting event August 8th at Anatomy Cleveland. Tino’s new club.

Tonight Tim Franke, my Editor and I are having dinner to celebrate the end of the “Out of Darkness” DVD. What hell that was. Still it will be good to get the show out there and the extras were interesting to watch.

I would have liked to shoot the rest of the show the way I envisioned but due to budget we weren’t able to hang on to some of the talent.

I do have wilds ideal for Nogient but I don’t know if they are ready for it. Although it would be fun to shoot. It would be a parody so I don’t know f we would get away with it. Still if it only does one episode, then it would be funny and very memorable.

Which is the key to making any business successful, having a creative and memorable marketing campaign. After all, what is the point of going into business, if you don’t tell anyone.


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