Didn’t Win but the Party was Nice

OK. I didn’t even submit the show for a Nomination this year but the Emmy Nomination Party was nice. A few actors from “Out of Darkness” showed up. I have to make certain to get the show on the air this year so I can send it off to get nominated. A lot of work there but a Nomination (and a win) would be great toward getting a national sponsor.

Still working on the national sponsor for the end of this summer.  Again a lot of work. And I just found out that the Board plans the Emmy Awards show for the Chapter. Which I kind of knew but it didn’t sink in. Well, I am new there so I am just going to follow orders and do whatever they need me to do. Again it will be nice for contacts and experience.

I am working on focusing outside of here. I know there isn’t any support for movies and TV in this city. No one really gets sponsorship here. Theaters do and other arts programs do, but the city is odd when it comes to movies and TV. While I could cry about it, I won’t. There are a lot of instances where companies get support from other places.

Going to do some more writing and shooting for next weekend. I ams till up in the air with some decisions on new cast people. I do like the fun relationship with one of the Detectives and his new daughter.

At the Party

Again, I am really not too excited to write things I can’t shoot. I’d like to shoot the new first episode I wrote but I would need some key cast people that I do no have. I’d like to go union but that takes cash and I don’t want to jump back into talking to sponsors right now but I will probably have to since I don’t have others to do it for me.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not like doing everything by myself.


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