Virgin Party

OK, I’m just being silly with the headline but technically this is my first year going to an Emmy Nomination Party as a Board Member for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Lower Great Lakes Chapter. So that makes me a virgin here.

I first went to an Emmy Nomination Party about two years ago. I figure it was a good way to network and since I am in TV, I should know who is in the business around here. I met a real cool guy named Bud Ford. Bud has been in TV since the early days. Later on, I helped him out with the newsletter. I also met with a lot of cool people like Gary Manke, Terry Petterson, Sandy Scott and the local news people.

Then just a few months ago, Gary, who is now the President asked me to be on the Board of Governors. Of course, I said yes.

I didn’t submit anything this year cause I was busy working on business proposals, but I will definitely get the show back on the air this year so we can submit it.

The Party is this Thursday and I invited a lot of the cast for “Out of Darkness.” I also have the new promo site ready as well.

Last few weeks have been interesting. I have been a bit worn out from things. I do feel that it is the right direction now that I am focusing on building the audience for the show. I still want to hit up some sponsors and should be able to make some good contacts at the Party.

And since it is a Party, I will have to make certain to have some fun as well. I could definitely use a little “fun.”


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