Darkness in High Definition

Achieved one of the goals for the show this Summer. We are now shooting in High Definition. It is interesting and holds a series of new technical challenges. We shot at the Studio on Saturday. The tall grass in the back provided an interesting backdrop for the Lt. and one of his Detectives who stumble across a “dead body.”

I didn’t direct either. Bryant Anderson who directed me in the short movie “Get Him” came in as a guest director. He was great. We got a lot of good footage. It took longer than I planned but it was OK cause we got a lot of scenes.

Now the next day, I shot the footage for the Mayor’s scenes and introduced one of the Detective’s family members.

Detective Whittaker and Daughter Hope

I think its important that all the characters in the series have a background. I wish the Prosecutor had a more “stable” background. He can be a bit of a whore at times. Which is funny cause people assume if you play a character like that, you share some of his qualities.

We had a lot fun on the set. Except for me. I had to be in character and at the time, my guy “Raft” was not having fun. Still I only did one of his scenes. I could have did more but I didn’t want to shoot the scenes if I couldn’t work them into the series later on. The actress I was playing opposite with is planning to leave to go to California this month.

And there becomes the problem in shooting in this city without a set budget. Everyone is planning to go out to California. I do understand it, but it still doesn’t do us any good. Which is why the cast gets so large cause I have to replace people from time to time.

Still right now, after abandoning the “business financing” search here in the city, I can focus on building the show’s audience and getting us a national sponsor.

I still have some contacts here and out west but really I want to get the audience up.

Going to launch a new site to promote the show June 12th at the Emmy nomination Party and I invited my cast and sponsors. So definitely “Out of DARKNESS” will have a presence there.

Well, back to work. Oh, there are more photos of the shoot on Facebook

Click Here to See Photos


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