Me and Harry Connick Jr.

No, I don’t know him, but I love his music. And I have to remember to listen to him today cause I’m shooting “Out of Darkness” and I have to step back into the shoes of Prosecutor George Bailey Raft from New Orleans. The accent isn’t too hard and to be truthful, I really do have it but I hide it cause most of the time I talk to people from the North and if you talk in a Southern accent then they have a certain impression of you.

I was up in the studio redoing the green screen. I should have been writing the scripts but its a new cast and some old cast members and well the stories have taken on a life of their own.

I still adore “Out of Darkness,” but it has become very different than my original vision. Things are more organic and I can’t plan as neatly as I did. I spent a lot of time writing scripts that we never got to shoot cause of budget and cast changes.

It would have been interesting to do them, but I think the show has become more challenging without that strict structure. I know the audience might get “lost” but I think that other shows prove that audience are willing to use their brains when they watch TV.

And TV is the question? These new clips will air on the web first and then TV later. The TV run was for the Emmy consideration. Which might not be needed if….

Well, I’ll let you in on that later. Let’s just say, it opens uo a whole new world.

Well, have to go and get ready. Going to shoot some photos from the shoot. I should really finish the scripts though.


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