I like this comment. about our show on the Youtube Channel.
” you guys have something unique happening. Something that needs work but has the right idea and brings in good support.”
I agree. I am working on a new look for the show. Going to concentrate on doing the look I really want with the show and involving the audience.
Also Going shopping tomorrow. Rebuilding my green screen. I want the entire room to be green, even the floor so I can work on doing virtual sets.
The way to get sponsors is to build the show. Which I should have been doing instead of wasting time with those presentations. Still, it was valuable in the sense that it taught me to focus on hitting the right people. So all this month, the only thing to do is work with the Emmy board (good contacts there) and put more clips on line and network with people on Youtube to build up the subscribers for the show.
The Party June 12th should be interesting. I invited a lot of the cast from the show there.
Been watching a lot videos, especially those by David Fincher
 Freedom 90 by David_Fincher
Going to be working with some of my cops (actors and one real cop who is in the cast) and also new actresses.
I was looking back at the clips that I didn’t edit before. I do like them. Still, I wanted to do a different look for the show. More cinematic. Going to cut down on the dialogue for the show and make it just on-line for right now. I think we can get the audience if we keep pushing. Have to stay focused so no “business” things this month.

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