You Have No Audience

The great thing and worst thing about my Family is that “being from New Orleans, we tend to speak our mind.” So in talking to my Brother, he mentioned, “I have no Audience for my show so how can people make money by being connected to it.” I did offer up some proof to the fact we have an audience, but I had to be honest and admit that we lost a lot of it while I been involved in the business side of things.

Too much Business and not enough Show. It is Show Business. I been forgetting the “Show.”

So to that end, I have to scale back on the business end and rebuild the audience. There is a lot of unedited footage for “Out of Darkness.”

I have two new external Winbooks and a new HP that can edit. So there is no excuse.

The DVD will be out this coming month. There is another expense that will go on a new credit card. I’m not crazy about being in debt, but …

Anyway, with the campaign for Season Two planned, I have no doubt we will make the sells. I’m only starting with 100 DVDs. To which, my Mom, another one who speaks her mind, said, are you sure you can sell 100.

I responded, If I can’t ain’t no use in doing the show.

I also have plans to release the new footage online as web episodes of about 5 minutes each. That should build our audience back up and I’m looking into some other shows as well.

Still I do keep up with things on the business end, but I can’t focus on it like I have been doing.


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