VC, Money, and Angels

Been an interesting set of days. Prelude2Cinema was one of the finalist at the COSE Arts Business Innovation Awards. It was very nice to be recognized as an artist but also a business person. I took Megan Weizel, who will be playing the “Bride” in “Out of Darkness.” She was delightful company.

Alex and Megan and COSE Awards

I had already decided that no matter if we won or not, that the TV show had to move forward this month. So afterwards, I talked to one of my partners and we went SHOPPING.

Canon VIXIA HV30We picked up a new Canon HD Camera and two 750 GB WinBook hard drives to add to the new HP Edit Computer. So now, we are good to go. Of course, I have to start doing some writing and scheduling the actors.

I’m also going to look into producing some other web series for Prelude2CinemaTV.

Next month is the Emmy Nomination Party. Since I’m on the Board of Governors, I get to be involved in the Party. One of the Governors talked about New Media and how online producers (like us) affect TV. There is a committee about it and I’m on it.

Also I had another Business Pitch. I learned a lot about VC’s (Venture Capitalist). I think our focus should be on Angel Investors and also some people “still don’t get it.” Well one guy summed it up nicely. He said that VC’s  want companies formed around ideas so the individual can become dispensable whereas the creative industry want the individual focused on.

He called us a “Excellence Person Business.” None of it was meant as an insult. I really liked their honesty. I do know that without me, there isn’t a company so therefore I (and my team) have to focus on getting funds from people who understand that. There are people who fund creative businesses and are richly rewarded by it.

Still, the company (i.e. Me and others) have a lot of work to do. So in that sense, I have to start focusing on getting programs for Prelude2CinemaTV. So with no further ado, “On with the Show!”


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