Getting Political without Getting into Politics

I was talking the Editor TIm Franke about promoting the TV show “Out of Darkness.” We are almost finished with the DVD and ready to do Season Two. I came up with an ideal about creating a site for our fictional Mayor about running for re-election. Real Politics seems to get a lot of attention and be really entertaining more than substantional so it should be interesting to run a campaign as she runs for re-election in Cleveland.

I filled Tim in on yesterday and in retrospect after watching the video, it wasn’t that bad. I explained Branded Entertainment. People just didn’t listen so I had to explain it again.

And back to politics, I’m having lunch with JaNience Walter who plays Mayor Carolyn Rockwell in our TV show Monday. I think she’ll like the ideal. It gives us a chance to do some shooting for the show before the new season.


You have to create Events around your Program to get people involved.

The run for re-election for our Mayor should get a lot of people involved in the show. We are going to do a party at one of our sponsor places next month and our Mayor won’t be asking for any donations. She’ll tell people to keep their money. I do need someone who runs against her though.

Audiences have their choice of where to go nowadays and if you don’t involve them, then they can elsewhere. And you definitely don’t want that.


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